Monday, July 15, 2013

How To Get Call of Duty:Ghost FREE

Call of Duty:Ghost

The Call of duty franchise makes sure that they crank out games for the insatiable appetites of the FPS gamers.  Call of Duty has announced and shown gameplay of the all new Call of Duty:Ghost coming out this November.  The game boast of completely different gameplay in multiplayer and in campaign .  Call of Duty:Ghost will be released on the recently announced next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One.  Now you know that you want to grab this game asap or pre-order for the free map Free Fall but you don't have the money to shell out.  There is is way to get Call of Duty:Ghost absolutely free.

How Does This Work?
Now you are thinking how is this possible? Do I have to provide a credit card?  Is this legit? Is this legal?  The way that this is possible is that companies pay you to try out apps, watch videos, play games, clipping coupons, doing fun surveys and much, much, much more.  This is all done on Points2Shop. Your payout is in "points" and when you have accumulated enough you can place your order to get Call of Duty:Ghost Free.  All you have to do to start is sign HERE to get Call of Duty: Ghost Free. Your free copy of Call of Duty:Ghost is fulfilled from, the most popular online retailer on the web.

How To Fully Sign Up

  1. Click here to bring you to Points2Shop. (Prizes only work for US,UK, and CA members)
  2. Fill out a family appropriate username, password and e-mail address.
  3. STOP! Go to your e-mail for the verification for a free 250 point bonus STOP!
 4.  Fill out the rest of your information such as name, address and age. (All has to be real for free Call of Duty:Ghost to arrive)
5.Head to the Earn Points tab to start gaining points for you free copy of Call of Duty:Ghost!

Proof The Site Works

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